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is not the only state battling over voter id laws. texas has a case going before a federal judge right now. we will talk to greg abbott coming up in our next hour. >>> who leaked what and when? house judiciary chairman lamar smith is demanding president obama provide access to current and former senior white house officials for an teargas on the national security -- for an teargas on the leagues. some say it was orchestrated by the white house to improve president obama's election chances. a claim the president calls, quote, offensive. congressman smith joins us now. you sent the letter to the white house. what specifically are you asking for? >> what we are doing is we want to question seven individuals starting with the national security advisor, and then other national security advisors as well about the extent of these numerous leaks that have jeopardized national security and endangered american lives. we can't get that information unless we talk to these individuals. we are hoping the president will allow us to do so. >> in a letter you sent to the president you said concern about these
on texas over voter id. voter fraud, and the lone star state coming up. >>> and there are some of the stories making news at the bottom of the hour. syria is now denying that its forces used heavy weapons during a mass killing in a village on thursday. opposition activists say tanks and helicopters killed at least 220 people. in mexico city thousands of demonstrators are taking to the streets there. they are protesting the results of the recent presidential election. candidates accuse the winning party of campaign fraud. and new york city firefighters put out a fire at a popular tourist spot downtown. several hundred folks are at the seaport when the fire broke out. thankfully no one was hurt. >>> this is a hot button issue, and it is building in washington right now. senate democrats are pushing a one-year tax cut proposal for americans earning $200,000 or less. now, the move is likely setting the stage for a big showdown for republicans over extending the bush tax cuts which will expire at the end of the year. wendy long who is a republican candidate in new york, and it is gr
of two people in north harris county, texas happening a few hours ago, saying the victims were on soccer fields when lightning hit them. a third person we now have learned, haseen taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of the injuries of that victim. and it's part of a series of nasty weather all weekend long in the houston area and we want to learn more about what's happening. meteorologist maria molina is with us in the extreme weather center. >> unfortunately we're hearing about these now from some of lightning storms from the houston area and flash flooding across that region, dumping a lot of heavy rain, over two inches of rain, that being a short amount of time duringome of the storms, that have been rolling through. you saw on the radar, that the batch of stormed rolled through earlier, probably a couple of hours ago. now the strongest storms are austin, san antonio, so, just be careful out there. we see widespread storms and across the eastern third of the country and upstate new york and pennsylvania and a strong line of storms at the albany area approaching massachu
're happyt have pjri today. he's the chair and government business relation and university of texas ataustin. senior scholar of the economic to two and chair of he board of ecomis feaad cu aobposl twanit a column and commentary in many other publications including "the texas observer," american prospect in the nation. the new book which we'll talk about today is "inqund stit s oe d omstore tci other books include the predator state, how conservatives abandon the free markeby the brushes to come the balancing acts, technogy, finance and the americ fture andreted pa.a t cris iamca bocotenuo rey seat d today today we ask you beat for approximately 20 minutes and then we'll move to discussion and q&a. thank ou. >>nk v,r singer, soon to be professor wellhausen university of texas. on the day when the election results are in for an and grece por od a ea m to a changing s the world of unresolved economic crisis, and certainly very pleased to beere at m.i.t. to talk about abotat y oe eshie vao the on-site at the events with which we are faced with. and it's certainly a pleasure to be back in camb
noncitizen voters. mean while there is another voter i.d. battle taking place in texas, sued by the obama justice department, the federal trial over voter i.d. has wrapped up and in the next hour we'll talk with the sponsor of this state law in texas about his react and about the controversy over voter i.d. in the voter fraud segment we have every week in the next hour. >> jamie: a breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's and important one, researchers have made a find that could be key to protecting patients against it. details from the doctors in sunday morning house call, coming up. stay with us. >> jamie: our ballooning u.s. deficit. that is not an understatement. it is raising fears, too, that the u.s. economy may be dragged right back into recession. we're on track to exceed a trillion-dollar deficit for the fourth straight year. republicans and democrats are at odds over how to get it under control and if they can't agree we'll see a series of tax hikes and spending cuts that could kick in, next year. senior business correspondent brenda buttner, the an
, but not where they need it most. southeast texas went from last year's record drought to a deluge. up to 15" this week alone. as one local put it, swinging from hell to high water. janet shand ling, nbs news. >>> the question we have been asked, are you paying with cash or credit. as a result of a blockbuster settlement involving some of the nation's biggest credit card company s the answer to that question could have a whole new price tag. nbc's michelle franzen has the details. >> we are used to it at the pump, one price for cash and a higher one for plastic. later this year, that credit card surcharge could be coming to stores, restaurants, doctor's offices. the swipe fees require merchants to pay credit card companies up to 3.75% to cover expenses. they are not allowed to pass that onto consumers. this week, visa mastercard and other banks agreed to a $7 billion settlement in a price fixing case brought by retailers. the agreement now gives businesses the right to charge more for using plastic to offset the swipe fees. now that merchants have the green light to pass on surcharges to the
over there. we will do our best and we cannot always beat texas. you can go to arizona and do your work out of there. a lot of people still move to silicon valley because of the synergy of so many bright people. if you can get the right people, get that cleaned up so we can bring smart people here and keep them here, we will keep adopting the game. [applause] >> governor hickenlooper, this is your chance. you have here a room full of silicon valley executives. what do you say to them to get them to expand or move to colorado? >> can governor brown leave the room for a minute? >> i am a great believer that luring companies from one state to the other does not help the country. i think it is a race to the bottom. as the governor would say. it is useful for us to be as relentlessly pro-business as we can. we're very focused on education and we want to be the no. 1 state for solving this riddle that this country has become from being the no. 1 public education nation to one in the bottom half. we know the things -- at risk kids are coming from difficult neighborhoods and often broken famili
. i was sitting here thinking that from my home town, mineola, texas, for willie, and board of texas, for me, i do not know whether they would have named a street for us there or not, but there would have been a problem because in both of those towns, there is only one street, and it has already been named main street. it is breathtaking to think that a street here is named for george and myself. coming in on the carriage, i rather like that. the surprise is i guess that they are giving us the carriage and horses? i cannot wait to arrive at the opera. mayor, do you think we should get some permits for the horse and carriage on russian hill? i don't know. seriously, everybody knows that has ever talk to me more than a few minutes that i am passionate about these buildings. i have had the opportunity of being involved with the bond issues for the symphony hall, the restoration of the opera house, and, of course, the city hall, may gift -- helping mayer brown with that a bit -- helping mayor brown. it was said that the only thing that was not done when these buildings were built is the
in this week's "flag facts." >> i'll tell you about some texas teens who share an extraordinary gift. >> coming up, i'll show you how to go from the fleece of a sheep to the wool of a scarf. >> that and lots more, right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> it's no secret that american teens need to get healthier. but that can be a challenge, especially because a lot of us like eating in places where food is fast and cheap. nicole tells us why some fast food can be a fast route to health problems later in life. >> i like cheeseburgers and fries. >> i'd have to say french fries. i like french fries. >> if i could find a really good hamburger... >> my favorite fast food would be onion rings because they're just really delicious. >> it tastes great, and it's pretty affordable. so what's the problem? >> well, there is a problem, but only if we're eating too often in fast-food restaurants, or we're making choices that aren't as healthy for us in a fast-food restaurant. yes, notoriously, fast food can be high in
obama's healthcare overhaul. >> and police in texas arrest a criminal using a wendy's drive through for more than just fast food. what the man was sneaking into customers' bags that is getting him locked up for decades. that and much, much more coming up on the news at 10. at 10.  . >>> governors from all over the country are in virginia tonight. they're here for a three-day bipartisan national governor's association meeting. one of the hot topics is the federal healthcare reform plan. peter deucey has more. >> reporter: more than half of america's governors are here in williamsburg, about 2 1/2 weeks after the supreme court said there won't be a penalty for any state that has a governor and who decides not to expand their medicaid programs under the affordable care act. some state executives here say they glad that they'll be able to opt out if they want to, since there is some concern about what their tab will be in three years when the federal government the figure stops paying the medicade expansion. >> if you want us to expand medicaid and you noon going to give us the abilit
-known neowhaa nkprsinri we loved him in texas. he went to the university of texas and he grew up in texas. than he then he was a foreign correspondent for uned press international. hen'st kind of fake guy, but then when "cbs evening news" became more important, when the news rogrs, th wackita ae anchor on -- in the 60's and was there for about 20 years into the early 80s. i just think that his im - hesi t vede id, hi time covering is certainly fascinating. he was a fascinating person because he was so thoughtful. i think douglas brinkley is a hesaiy es istorian. cevenhas aso taught at the naval academy in princeton, so he is a real historian and also does detailed, comprehensive research in his writing. so t biographyof ron thfivegr oink w walter cronkite, and i think both the fact that doug wrinkly rode it and my high regard for hi and the fact thatcki loin country, having this kind of the biography is an excellent thing for us to have for documentation in the future. thelbkha cer hi book. it is vital for use as. now vital voices as an organization that was formed with then senator hillary cli
has its own unique style, texas you really got four different styles, you have east texas styles, sort of central texas, the bar ba co a tradition that is out of mexico and west texas tobacco cowboy style and make a case for kansas city has a very distinctive barbecue style as does kentucky which serves mutton and you can make a case that california has its own style as well. >> geez, we have almost as many barbecue styles as area codes. >> just about, we are getting there. >> and then there is the matter of sauce. >> we never saw, red sauce in texas and kansas city. >> mahogany color. >> there is only one place you will find white barbecue sauce, that is in northern alabama. the sauce was invented in 1925 at big bob gibson's barbecue. >> ken hass is the restaurant's manager. >> it is a mayonnaise based sauce with vinegar, black pepper, and a bunch of secrets i am not allowed to tell you. >> but according to moss, all those different styles and sauces date only to the turn of the 20th century. when barbecue moved from the pit to the restaurant. >> the very first mcdonald's served barbe
next to the state of texas, right on our border, they were attacked multiple times. two years ago they had people, unidentified gun men storm in and open fire against their staff. one staffer was paralyzed. i want to read a statement put out that is sort of unusual to address this publicly. saying we ask for the public comprehension and will refrain for as long as needed from publishing anying information related to the violent disputes our city and other regions of the country are suffering. >> it is interesting. it sends another message it seems. >> the fact that riwere publicly commenting saying they are staying away from reporting on public disputes. there was another story asking as the defacto leaders we ask what do we do? how do we cover this? they didn't stop covering the events. a prominent paper is saying it is just going to stop. this is an assault on freedom of speech and journalism in the country. >> they are letting them know we have given up in the battle meaning just the fight for having words in the paper to inform people. are they indicating whether this is tempo
against -- ab32 against an onslaught of texas oil companies. we defend when they tried to block your business. california gets 50% of the venture capital. there is a lot going on here. we want to promote that. innovation is difficult because by definition, is of the few, not the many. that is the culture we want to encourage both in our schools, by minimizing, not getting overly obsessed with testing, and reducing learning to bubble in a multiple choice response. it is not literature, science, innovation, or creativity. it is not innovation. we need rigor and imagination. you need both. you have the left hand and the right hand. we have to combine those things. in california, we create innovation by ab32, but the only state with the cap and trade program, we create it by cutting regulation. i had to fire two incumbent people in our division of conservation. there were blocking oil exploration. i fired them and the oil permits for drilling went up 18%. we have to work on many levels. we're promoting efficiency. we're promoting and renewable energy and climate change -- i take courage
is tracking it all, beginning with abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: dangerous storms in texas today made a deadly strike. at a houston soccer game, spectators taking shelter under this tree were hit by lightning. two people were killed. a third, sent to the hospital. storm clouds are soaking parts of texas, arizona and washington state. flooding roads, leaving home owners with a soggy mess. >> when we woke up at 1:00, came out here, the water was already up here, we had exactly one hour to get everything up. >> reporter: from too much water to not enough, where it is desperately needed. sunday brought no day of rest for an army of nearly 2,000 firefighters near sacramento, california. the 2200 acre fire is forcing evacuations, threatening nearly 200 homes. >> this is definitely one of the more remote fires and some of the steepest slopes that leave seen a fire burn in. >> reporter: tonight, there is red flag fire weather in five states and heat advisories across a huge swath, from south dakota to the great lakes. forecasters are warning people to drink plenty of water and watch out for s
of a movie. that damaged buildings and uprooted trees. as of tonight no injuries are reported. >>> in texas, days of relentless rain in the houston area turned streets into rivers. swamping more than 100 homes. two feet of rain triggered a once in a century flood. in some neighborhoods, the only way you could get around is by both. flood warnings remain in effect through tomorrow morning. >>> and now, made in america. our report of those team usa uniforms made in china sparked outrage and now a major change in policy. the united states olympic committee said all future uniforms will be made in the usa. but we wondered why not change the uniforms for this year's games. and what about the flags our athletes will carry. are they made in america? >> reporter: you saw team usa's opening ceremony uniforms. >> you look dashing. >> reporter: and watch as we learned those classic american ralph lauren looks weren't exactly all american. >> china, china, china. >> reporter: our report set of widespread outrage. >> i think they should take all of the uniforms put them in a big pile and burn them. >> r
excited about that. i've read several lbj biography is. texas right now t. anr erdi it visit .. eastern mexico the land is little changed except for endless strands of wire fence anan occasional traffic sign. kid o and dtae llyt pat garrett. the days may be gone when blood flowed freely. but the music of the standing go and billy's dancing and the lovers kiss is all difficultto thin wtemonlight and of the kogyo these and the silence before the first ray of sunlight spills over the horizon. there are the stories because mexico is full of stories coou sh these stors the ghost tetorie bemen them, even some who know them, but they are ill boasts and they can conceal e truth like a pirate plunder. billy the kid and pat were perhaps the greatest of our own west legends by building nthe heth oth rvou sndngenve the original research and archival and private collections from texas torizonan from utah to i've made the ghosts give up a few more of their secrets. lo e ainco fortmost of sumter, forte danilo knuckling dim light sims, white oaks, silver city and on and on. in some pla
to that line. they deliver that line in texas. they deliver that line in california. they deliver that line in vermont. there is the electoral college. it is still there. the reason why they deliver the line of fear is because they know that the greens represent challenge and that we are competition and they do not want us to take it anywhere in the country. they don't want competition. they are not afraid of the republicans or losing. they lose all the time. they made it an industry, losing. they won all the time they would not have a job. so, i am going to conclude in a few moments. we have a little bit of dirty work to do here. it is the type of dirty work i like to do. i would like to make it a formality a reality. please welcome holly hart of iowa. the state that al gore walled wisconsin in 2000. wrong side of the river, al. >> so the grass roots rules. we have a vice presidential candidate, and when this person is announced, we need from you at least 50% majority approval. we want you to register it by a show of hands and whatever noise that you wish to make. >> i move -- i will play
suppressed black turnout in any election anywhere. >> in fact texas provides free voter election certificates if you need them. you don't even have to pay for them. >> they are scared. black voter registration is down from its 2008 levels. obama is not worried that blacks are going to vote for republicans. he is worried they will stay home. she trying to get them out to the polls. he is throwing out red meat like this to do it and it is a shame. >> let's note vice president biden as well. he went before the naacp and said can you imagine what a romney attorney general might be? can you imagine a rom nay head of the civil rights division might be considering all of those rights that you people hold dear? this is race baiting in 2012. it is amazing to think you will run for president on that basis right now. but they are doing it. >> doesn't seem to be paying a price for it politically so far. >> not so far, but as jason points out, i mean it is not something that people don't appreciate. they can see through it, and the thing is when barack obama ran in 2008 he was appealing to all-americans b
. in closing arguments this friday, attorneys for the state of texas argued the state should be released once and for all from the department of its voting business which was clearly authorized. the case is widely expected to wind up before the supreme court where we find the five appointees declaring it's no longer justified. the portion of the act at issue covers nine states and counties and townships and seven others largely in the south that have a history of erecting barriers. in year's past, this took a variety of forums and grandfather tastes that stopped newly formed slaves from voting and literacy tests or simple poll taxes that forced people to pay to vote f they could afford it. after one of the most powerful and courageous social movements in history, one that took the lives of 40 people, lbg signed the voting act in 1975 ending these practices. >> wherever by clear and objective standards, states and counties are using regulations or laws or tests to deny the right to vote. then they will be struck down. if it is clear that state officials still intend to discriminate, then feder
built in texas. we spent $12 billion on it. and then after the end of the cold war we decided we don't need to competethe soviets anymore. at the cost of $600 million, we decommissioned the whole thing. >> yeah. this is congress. and your next question? are you surprised by this? yeah. it was quite frustrating. in the 1980s, there was the build-up of the excitement that we superconducting materials were coming of age. and when you make very powerful magnets that bend the path of these particles into the circle, you can increase the power of the magnets by using super-conducting material. material science was finally coming of age. and -- plus, you need a huge range -- you can't do that in rhode island. you need a state big enough to put it in. so in waxahachie, texas, we started digging a hole to put in waxahachie, texas, we started digging a hole to put this super conducting super collider. it was scheduled to be three times the energy of what they've got now, three times the energy. budgets were allocated. holes were dug. engineering plans were drawn up. and the construction had al
matter. but he couldn't resist spouting off. he held out a texas twang and gave his best bush impression. i'm a governor, my daddy was president. i own a baseball team. but al gore was right in using the lewinsky issue. >> now if he decides he can't help himself and starts campaigning against me, the shadow returns. bill: the shadow. we learned when book visited the white house after the recount of 2000, he asked clinton if that shadow offended him and he gave him a pass. and of course clinton became close to george bush 41 and the family. they consider clinton a brother of another mother. and listen to this. >> is that so ridiculous our odd couple partnership, that barbara began to refer to me as her black sheep son, you know, the one that -- [laughter] strays. there's one in every family. gets the politics wrong and make some of the mistakes. chris: you got all in the book? >> yes. chris: how ike helped ronald reagan against richard nixon and some of nixon's own skull duggery. chris: welcome back. his book about the most secret club of the most powerful men of former presidents, there
, texas voter i.d. law. he also pointed out the travel hardships of those that they face under the law. then he started out with these five words. >> we call those poll taxes. >> that ad lib was used in the jim crow style to deny african-americans to vote and they were ruled unconstitutional by the u.s. supreme court in 1937 and outlawed. still with me, bob franken, joy reid, wade henderson and lizz winstead. >> they deny the african-americans to vote. this is an added burden on those who should have unfettered access to the polls, people who have voted historically with absolutely no problem. to argue that there is a voter fraud issue is to use deceptive tactics to justify these abuses intended to rig the outcome of the election. holder was right. it's because he was a surrogate, a proxy for barack obama. an argument that he's fighting for all americans is real. joe biden touched on that in his remarks. i'd point out that romney ignored it entirely. >> this is aimed much more at his panic voters than african-americans. >> absolutely. >> and in florida they make it very clear this is a
that busy road. pretty scary situation in texas when a deck comes crashing down during a birthday party. victims say they thought their life was over. the entire deck crashed from the second story of the home. one witness said he was on the deck for 15 minutes then he started wood cracking and the deck started to sinking. >> you could see people were inside the pool holding it. >> there were people being carted off with broken -p bones and gashes. everybody is pretty shaken up. >> when it fell about 10 people were standing on it. >>> looks like bruce springsteen might have to rethink his nickname. bruce and his band were playing twisted shout when suddenly the audio went out. authorities say they cut the fire because the show ran over curfew. all right we're not hearing that around here. we're hearing pretty big thunder boomers out there. especially out on the beach. some people tell me they had to run off the beach for cover out here not long ago. >> we lad a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings -- we did have a a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings. we will show you immediately
agreements. >> reporter: three other cities have earned multiple junk bond ratings, itselffield texas and two in rhode island but another 22 towns have a junk bond rating from one of the ratings firm including camden, new jersey home to 80,000 people. >> they have been getting along the last two or three years in muddling through to avoid bankruptcy process. >> reporter: even cities like chicago with stronger finances and bond ratings are unnoticed. moody's downgraded their rating in april because of underfunded pension plans. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> patti ann: new calls from governor momney's allies to get tougher on the campaign trail. this after obama's campaign manager saying the governor may have committed a felony. scott walker says it's time for the governor to fire back. he is saying the president's team does not want to run on his record. he has to be forceful about fighting back. so joining us to talk about this julie a fox news contributor and advisor frank lauten brg. thank you both for joining us. >> let's start with the accusation itself. is there any truth that ro
] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> today, news makers with kevin brady of texas. then they talk about the fair lending settlement with wells fargo. later we will take you live to the annual meeting closing session on entrepreneurship. >> joining us on this sunday, congressman kevin brady is the vice chair of the joint economic committee. we talk about taxes, the economy, health care. joining us is a congressional correspondent for the national journal and richard rubin. >> president obama made his case for extending almost all of the tax cuts that are scheduled to expire. republicans agree that we should extend it for '90s term of the people. he said let's do what we agree on and fight about what we disagree on. what is wrong? >> it gives far more uncertainty. we have a struggling economy. we are three years after the recession ended. we have the worst recovery since world war ii. this will create more uncertainty. it's just not solve the problem. it is not solve the economic problem. it will not be good to fight over this. it is not serious about deficit reducti
been a day of extreme weather. heavy rain in parts of texas and late word tonight of a deadly lightning strike on a soccer field near houston, two people killed while trying to hide from the rain. >>> the nation's heartland where a severe drought continues cripablicri crippling a lot of farms. get ready for round two. meteorologist kim cunningham joins us now from the weather channel head quarters. here we go again. >> a tragic story about this lightning strike here. this is a big story with the lightning we have been seeing. that is moving out of houston. you can see the six-hour timeline showing the storms on the way out. this is a big story and the fact a lot of people get killed by lightning each year, the bigger story i think coming up this week will be the heat. i want to show you the dew point, the measure of moisture at the surface. notice 60s and 70s. tropical atmosphere. you add that to temperatures near 100 degrees this is a different scenario than we had. we will have temperatures in the 90s but to factor in the dew points and we are talking heat indexes of 105 plus. that is
hamburgers and french fries. a judge has sentenced a texas man to 22 years in prison for selling child pornography while he was at work. he worked at a wendy's drive through and would sell the pornography to customers who contacted him, but the buyers would use a password and he would slip a memory card into their food. >> i am shocked. >> horrified. >> very unusual. thought he was going to get away with it. >> police say the seized memory cards that images of children between the ages of 8 and 12 engaging in sex with other children and adults. >> police have identified a naked man who crashed a pickup truck into a dallas mall. investigators said arthur walker was covered with only a blanket when he drove his truck to the glass door of the sporting goods store. once inside, he stole some clothes and a pair of sneakers. walker is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> we will go straight into the weather. we had heavy rain across a good part of the area. this afternoon and evening fredericksburg had a lot of rain. the good news, all of the watches come up warnings, flash floo
in the line of duty on july 6 after an accident near fort hancock in west texas. i also would like to wish a quick recovery to a special agent harris and was shot in the line of duty in texas. i believe your head of the to visit the family and him also appeared i think he was shot there last week. thank you. one of the counties that are represent. this is a stark reminder that the men and women that dhs land enforcement law enforcement put their lives on the line every day to make our country more safe every day. we appreciate their service and sacrifice. the purpose of today's hearing is to examine the status of ice secure communities program. removing criminal aliens from the u.s. has been a congressional party since 1986 with the passage of the immigration reform control act. the department of homeland security and its predecessor agency have operated program starting criminal aliens for removal since 1988 been taken under the secure communities program, for dissipating law enforcement agencies submit the fingerprints of arrestees for criminal background check. the fingerprints are not
. they are very close to my heart having served at enter the national guard of pennsylvania and texas for a period of 14 years. we in pennsylvania cried people since the french and indian war read that to the present. we take the care of our veterans and return of our veteran seriously. my wife -- world war two. i have had the opportunity to meet many people who had participated along with people who have participated as recently as problems and iraq ag and afghanistan. the stores are the salmon they need help. pennsylvania over the years has developed over 27 initiatives from education to state veteran sums to deployment to civil service to benefit and state retirement if you have the ephedrine's service officers. each county has a veterans affairs director. sometimes it is particularized to the persian gulf conflict of 91 and 1990. the emergency for food and clothing and for the disabled. it goes on and on and on. we had a school not too far from gettysburg on the other side of the mountains that was a school for our foreign children. over the last few years prior to me taking office until it wa
competition. i started to do that. and the year before, in houston, texas, i won the individual events and got the solvent award which was the best athlete amateur in america. so i realized i had the capacity to be able to accomplish this, at least in theory, on paper. and then thank goodness my coaches encouraged me. >> when you're standing there having won the 7th consecutive gold, putting you into a very rare, small number and playing the anthem for the 7th time, what is that emotion like? >> i was so happy it was over. >> it was exhausting, wasn't it? >> it really was. the program started on a monday and continued on through the following monday. so over an eight-day period of time, i swam every single day but friday. i was in the water 13 different times. we had the prelims, the semifinals, what have you. and each day that i swam and i won a gold medal, it was one brick shy load of getting off of the cart. so i felt i was having a better go of it. but i was exhausted by the time i came to my last event. i have to say that the last stroke that i took at the olympic games, i don't think i c
... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. >>> joining me now virginia republican governor bob mcdonnell and democratic governor deval patrick. thank you both, governors, for being here. there's a lot of talk in washington these days about the fiscal cliff and part of that fiscal cliff is huge cuts in the defense department, and for you, governor, you are number two in the states that it is estimated by the national association of manufacturers will lose almost 115,000 jobs if these defense cuts go through. at what point do you begin to try to figure out what that's -- what the fiscal cliff, if we go off it, will begin to affect virginia? >> well, we're very concerned about it. deval i think in massachusetts is the fifth largest potenti
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